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Do you need a Professional Installation of your EZVIZ Product?

No problem!

EZVIZ UK have now partnered with TSG, a First Class Commercial and Domestic Installation service that operates Nationwide to help install your EZVIZ product(s).

Relax, they’ve got you covered

The TSG installation of your EZVIZ cameras will also include the running of relevant cables to and from the storage device and local power supplies, as required. Furthermore, the attending Engineer will carry out an initial site inspection to help identify the best mounting positions and angles for your cameras to deliver the best solution.

Video doorbell(For existing wired system)



Smart Floodlight (Connection to local Power Socket)


C3W (ezGuard)

Wi-Fi 1 Camera (Local PSU Connection)


ezGuard Air kit

Wi-Fi 4 Camera (Local PSU Connection)


CCTV Kit 2

Wired 2 Cam Kit


CCTV Kit 4

Wired 4 Cam Kit


CCTV Kit 6

Wired 6 Cam Kit


CCTV Kit 8

Wired 8 Cam Kit


Installation Option Pricing* for EZVIZ products

*The illustrated pricing is outlined for "Standard" Installation situations - Non Standard Charges may be applicable for bespoke systems requirements or non-standard properties, all of which will be discussed with the TSG call agent.

How to Book Your installation?

1.Simply send your request and contact info to TSG

2.You will receive a call within 24 hours from TSG to Finalise installation details

3.Sit back whilst the installation occurs and then enjoy your new EZVIZ product!

Contact TSG Now!

Call: 0121 721 9318

Email: info@totalsupport-group.com


1. How long does an install take at the customer's property?
  • The real answer is that every install will vary dependent on the initial findings of the engineer! However, as a rule of thumb we would advise customers that it is 1 hour per camera. E.g. a 4 Camera installation would take a single engineer four hours or a 16 Camera installation would take a two man team eight hours to install… (More bespoke installations may take longer to install due to additional elements)

2. What happens if a customer purchases a 4 Camera kit but only wants three cameras installed?
  • In this circumstance a 3 Camera installation option should be selected, in turn the engineer would action as requested. Please ensure that you always sell the appropriate installation package to meet our customer's expectation.

3. What if the Customer does not hear from TSG in the allotted timeframe?
  • If the Customer has not received a call from TSG within 48 hours of call booking with the Retail Partner there may be a problem with the provided contact details. Please direct the Customer to TSG Operations where a Customer service agent will confirm the relevant job details and provide a swift resolution.

4. What if one of the component parts installed goes faulty within its warranty period?
  • Should a single element of the Customers CCTV System cease to operate it may be faulty and require replacement. Please contact your Retailer Partner for initial support as the CCTV equipment usually comes with a standard warranty. The Retail Partners customer service agent will then work with TSG to ensure that the situation is rectified ASAP.

5. What happens if a customer's CCTV System goes faulty after installation?
  • Please contact your Retail Partner for product/technical support as they may be able to provide a simple solution over the phone – Product operation, System reboots, Software upgrades/setups, Broadband access issues etc.

6. What do I need for remote viewing access?
  • Customers will require a suitable mobile device (smart phone/ tablet etc.) with the appropriate data services (3G/ 4G) and an active broadband connection with at least 1MB upload and 4MB download (Coverage restrictions apply). Please contact your Retail Partners for technical support and advice.

7. What do we do if the customer is unhappy with the service TSG have provided?
  • TSG prides itself on providing a professional Customer Service, therefore any reported Customer service issues will be fully investigated and escalated to the relevant department to provide a swift resolution.

8. What happens if there are adverse weather conditions which prevent install?
  • Unfortunately, adverse weather such as high winds, heavy rain and snow can make it unsafe for the Engineer to complete the installation in a safe manner. In these rare situations the customer would need to re-book the appointment, which TSG would arrange.

9. How does the customer change the appointment date if something happens which prevents them being available?
  • When a Customer is contacted by one of our local regional offices to confirm their call booking details, they will be given a local office contact number to ensure that they have direct access to the local engineering team. If a Customer wishes to reschedule their appointment, they should contact their local office using the supplied contact details or alternatively contact the TSG central Helpdesk Team who will do their best to assist with rebooking the call.

10. What happens if the installer doesn't turn up for the appointment?
  • TSG engineering visits are all pre-scheduled, so please contact TSG Operations for any queries regarding Call Bookings, ETA's where a TSG Call Agent will endeavour to swiftly answer any queries and resolve any issues.

11. What happens when the Engineer attends site to complete the installation?
  • On arrival at site, the TSG Engineer will introduce themselves and confirm the Customers details before carrying out a brief inspection of the site to establish potential mounting positions for cameras/ recording devices and cable routing etc.

    Once completed, the Engineer will discuss the inspection findings with the Customer and seek their agreement on the equipment positioning/ camera viewing angles before commencing the installation works.

    On completion of the CCTV System installation the Engineer will setup the remote viewing facility on a suitable smart phone/ tablet and then carry out a final inspection of the individual cameras/ views before seeking the Customer sign off on the CCTV installation checklist.

12. What happens if the installer damages my property?
  • In this unfortunate situation, the customer should immediately report any issues to TSG for further investigation to identify all of the facts pursuing to the reported damage. Where appropriate, TSG will make arrangements for an Engineer to revisit site at the earlier opportunity to make a full assessment of the situation and then to report their findings back to TSG central operations to support their investigations. TSG will of course work closely with the Customer / Retail Partner to provide any follow up remedial works to resolve a Customer services issue as swiftly as possible.