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Cloud Service

EZVIZ Cloud is a global video cloud service platform that enables you to view,capture, save and share what’s valuable to you. With a combination of cutting-edge technologies,we connect everything for you to create a secure, convenient and smart experience.


5 individual EZVIZ Cloud servers, covering the whole world




Devices on EZVIZ Cloud

User Accounts

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Videos in Cloud Storage

Alarm Push Notification

Real-time Preview

Your Data is Safe and Private

Keeping your data safe in the Cloud is our highest priority. Data transmission betweenthe device and the Cloud is encrypted from end to end. Only you have the keys to decrypt your data.

TLS encryptionprotocol

AES 128-bitencryption

Multipleauthentication steps

Security Compliance

EZVIZ maintains high standards in protecting the data of our users and stays up-to-date with best practices seen in international cloud security.

Information SecurityManagement Controls

Information TechnologyService Management

CSA Three-TieredCloud SecurityAssurance Program

Code of Practice for Personally IdentifiableInformation Protection

Internal Controls

Relevant to

Security & Confidentiality

AI Technology

EZVIZ Cloud extends its Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm from the Cloud Centerto Edge Networks and Edge Devices, which relieves concurrent stress on the cloudby pushing data processing to AI-enabled edge networks and devices with deep-learning technology. 

Edge Network

Cloud Center

Edge Devices

Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or Whether you're using a smartphone,tablet, or computer, EZVIZ Cloud can connect you to your EZVIZ intelligent devices with EZVIZ Cloud.Enjoy our free basic cloud services anytime, anywhere and control everything from a single dashboard.


Even with a host of powerful new features, the EZVIZ app is still simple to use. Its clean layout makes it easy tofind all of your cameras, change settings, and see what's happening with just a few taps.

View Live Video

Always feel like you’re home

Video History

Instant Alerts

Two-Way Audio

Video and Image Sharing

Never miss a moment

Be the first to know what's happening

Talk to you beloved one in real-time

Easily share with friends and family



EZVIZ Studio

Not near your smart phone or tablet? Still want to know what is happening?The EZVIZ PC Studio software enables you to view your devices directly from your computer.

EZVIZ Studio

Access your EZVIZ Camera from your computer using EZVIZ Studio, with no browser restrictions.