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Live stream your EZVIZ cameras on the Amazon Echo Show or Fire TV. Or ask the Google Home Assistant to turn on or turn off motion alerts from the EZVIZ App.


Google Assistant

EZVIZ now works with your Google Assistant enabled devices. Meet your Google Assistant. Your own personal Google, always ready to help.

Amazon Alexa

Live stream your EZVIZ cameras on Amazon Echo Show or Amazon Fire TV.


Every EZVIZ Wi-Fi camera and wired-kit are able to work with your favorite smart home devices through IFTTT. Do more with EZVIZ security cameras.

Get Set Up

Connect your EZVIZ products with Alexa or Google Home

Forgot to Turn Off the Lights Again?

No worries! Tell Alexa or Google Assistant on your smartphone to turn the lights off. It’s possible to control your appliances remotely from anywhere when they’re connected with EZVIZ Smart Plugs.

Real-Time View

Home is where life’s most precious moments happen. Live stream your EZVIZ cameras on Google Home Hub, Google Chromecast, Alexa, Amazon Echo Show or Amazon Fire TV.

Alexa & Google Assistant Works With

Need hands-free control for your favorite EZVIZ devices? Just talk to Alexa or the Google Assistant.


C3W Color Night Vision





EZVIZ works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant