Wi-Fi Cameras
Wire-Free Cameras
Alarm System
  • Smart Wireless Alarm Panel
  • Alarm Hub that works together with EZVIZ’s sensors and security cameras.
  • Using infrared thermal effect, ezSensor PIR can detector the human body movement signal.
  • Flexible to deal with a variety of water leakage, immersion scene, timely warning.
  • A wireless system that detect and alert you to the presence of intruders in real time.
  • Remote Control supports control the host and one button remote emergency call.
  • It supports to send alarm message when the door, window or drawer are opened
  • Can be installed on unfixed object, it will trigger alarm immediately when object moves.
  • If someone intrude you house, ezSensor Siren will make sound and light alarm immediately.
  • Easy installation and wireless setup, only need few minutes. Full wireless solution.
Smart Plug
Video Doorbells
Smart Home Appliances