Creating Easy Smart Homes

Company Profile

Established in 2013, EZVIZ dedicates itself to creating a safe, convenient and smart life for users through its intelligent devices, cloud-based platform, and AI technology. The innovative products and services from EZVIZ can be applied to home, workplaces, stores, schools, and more. EZVIZ empowers partners to share our unique cloud services, and together we build a thriving IoT ecosystem.



Core Values

To become the most reliable and respected brand in smart home security.

Create a safe, convenient and smart life for everyone.

Focus, Perfection, Enjoyment.

Brand Story

Starting off as a small team with the ambition to bring innovative technologies to more people, EZVIZ has been striving to push the boundaries, daring to dream and create innovative products and services. Since its establishment, EZVIZ has been recognized by consumers worldwide and achieved significant technological and sales breakthroughs.

Today, with the vision of becoming the most reliable and respected smart home security brand, combined with cutting-edge technology and extensive experience built up over the past few years, EZVIZ is ready to create a safe, convenient and smart life for everyone.


·Smart entry products DB1 and DP1 launched

·Security cameras C3A and LC1 launched

·EZVIZ Cloud platform received CSA STAR Certification

·DP1 named as CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree

·Europe office officially established

·ISO27001 Certified

·Routers and first-gen smart lock launched

·EZVIZ Company officially established in Hangzhou, China

·Number of EZVIZ devices and users both surpassed 10M

·C3, C4 and C6 Series, more action cameras, NVRs, cloud storage service launched

·5 EZVIZ Cloud Servers officially established

·US office established

·Second-gen Wi-Fi security camera C2 Series, Alarm & Sensor line, Action Camera S1, EZVIZ App launched

·Cloud Platform officially re-named as EZVIZ Cloud

·First-edition Cloud Platform launched

·First-gen Wi-Fi security camera C1, a 2014 Red Dot Award-winner, launched

·EZVIZ business division established in Hangzhou, China